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An overview of the WS4RL Project

15 Jun, 2005
The WS4RL project has produced two software development kits for use in the deployment of a Personal Development Planning (PDP) web service.

The project team proposed that in fact two services are required to support a PDP web service: - A Personal Data Management Service (part of the ELF common services layer) - A PDP Service (part of the ELF learning domain services layer)

The PDP service, like other e-portfolios systems, would use the Personal Data Management service for managing user data

The rationale for the approach taken by the development is provided both briefly and more thoroughly .

The SourceForge website contains both the CVS repository and the toolkit which contains all the classes that are needed for an AXIS implementation of both services. The toolkit also contains a "How to" guide showing what needs to be done to implement a service and an example implementation which can be customised for local use.

Future Work

1/ A Personal Data Management web service would be a very complex piece of software to develop. It would be useful to develop a prototype of such a service and to integrate it with an e-portfolio system such as OSPI, ePET) or a PDP system such as LUSID or indeed any system that stores Learner information such as Bodington or Blackboard. This Data Management system could be stand alone and work with these systems to manage their data storage.

2/ An operational PDP web service also needs to be backed up by some substantial work in the back-end PDP systems. The main vehicle for delivering electronic PDP is via IMS Learning Design (LD), however, there are currently very few examples. One of the main thrusts of development must be to model more PDP processes using LD. The WS4RL project has started work in this area by producing a model of PDP and relates to the generic processes detailed of the Centre for Recording Achievement's PDP practice survey (2004).

3/ The LUSID PDP system is currently being open sourced as part of the SPWS project (link). This software could be enhanced to allow it to become a PDP web service provider. Quite a lot of development work will be necessary – this is outlined in section 8.1.1 of a report on the ELF web site


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