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Technologists Why we think a service oriented approach is a good idea for us explain your world and issues to this set of people  in understandable terms you are free to talk in your own language to each other the other group is going to listen  and you are not allowed to contribute!бд P0P P-PP?P╒P 0 -?╒є*ЯЯєЯи Discussion б (ЯаЖTechnologists reflections Martini? L tech understood more about educ than tech Personality profile Myers briggs Learning approaches depending on individuals Learning styles Hard to tie in things to tech Capturing a teachers performance - ? Systems with kind eyes (usability) Technologists led developments may not provide appropriate T+l tools  why is that the case?- suggestions  lack of merging of the worlds of techers/learners and technologists б─P─кP@%▀OєЯи DiscussionЯа$Teachers reflections Inauthentic situation Executable file Legacy DBA, MIS, API Techies  process data Teaching side  more complex  personality бУУєЯи DiscussionЯаШSOA - SOAP, AJAX and Flash! Convert human concepts into human language  sometimes and whenever! Extreme programming  participatory design Teachers and techies sympathic to each other  but still a gulf кб #єЯиGeneral pointsЯаЁNeed for precision in how we talk Artificial intelligence  capturing the art Teachers continually shifting their meaning Educational researchers another group Should have asked  what do you teach? Gathering teaching requirements takes a long timeб∙Z∙єЯиDiscussion (cont)Яа▐AI digitizing thoughts and ideas Capturing a complex T + L process  can be a tall order for technologists Can do lots of T+L with tools that are already available Need clarity from both camps about what they want and what they can provideєЯи What next?ЯаШMultidisciplinary teams  extreme programming prototyping? Cross institutional teams ? Can do requirements and prototyping at the same time Should feed into something Phase before that  what are the problems first Weakness  never get past requirement gathering process What is our aim  in pedagogical terms? Aim is  lets explore? Aim improve learning experience for students How to move from WebCT to SOA in 5 easy steps! Simplier user interfaces and toolsб═P═к,МєЯи What next (2)ЯаfTeachers want to simplify the admin so can focus on teaching (and research!) CoVARM project  course validation is doing that Are teachers making in roads to understand the technology? Do teachers need to know about admin systems? Do teachers need opportunities to see what has come out of toolkit projects?б4P4кMсє&Яи3Яа╨Link to demonstrator projects  an event about dissemination of toolkit demonstrators? Need a method of extracting data on student use of VLE for use in the institution Tracking student engagement was important in Mark s case study бщZщє'ЯЯаjSixth form colleges  registration and ? E-learning is way down the list. Demonstration events  ideas for pedagogy and enterprise SIGs  future programmes? Learn by example  teachers   I really like this because&  - technologists can pick up common approaches In what other ways gave lecturers give technologists information?  model, diagram, use case diagram Less technical the better Changing rooms portfolio  I like that design б╢P╢є(ЯЯаVShow and tell  my favourite tool What people (teachers) like to do and what they don t like to do (eg aligning learning outcomes and assessment How do you explain to the teacher what the benefit is for them in their institution  closing the circle E.g. Participatory design in student groups use of hand-held devices to document what students are doing  teachers need to see state of the art ideas Don t forget the learners!бмZмк,d є)ЯЯ/ЁМєє є!є"є#ъ°г я  0`Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠`Ё    ЦЦЦ√▀S Щf╠3Щf`Ё    АААЩ╠ ╠╠ 33╠пg `Ё ▐ЎёЦЦЦ   Н╞ f╠и`Ё   ┘www  ў3╠╠ PP Щ`Ё АА   ZX  Щdbmo╟   `Ё А   \▀╥У╠3╛y`  Щ╙в`Ё Щ   3f╠  3f╠░f╠  ч`Ё    3fЩуыё3ЩFКKf╠ Ёх`Ё hk]   www╤╤╦РРВАЮи ╠fщ▄╣`Ё ffЩ   >>\   `Y{ff Щ╠   Щ`Ё R>&   - ▀└НМ{pП_/╠┤МЮаг> ¤?" d d@  я    ,г| ¤?" d d╪@  я     А ╘ А" ╨@А Ё`А╗А гn ¤?" d d@  я       @@``ААPгR    @ ` А`г pг>Аг> ┼Ё╜░Ё ,ЁUЁ( Ё Ё,Ё╥ Ё, У Ё6А╪sОЗБГ┐└  Ё'g▀Ё├ О ЁTЯи Click to edit Master title styleв!к !Ё Ё, Г Ё0А─vОБГ┐└  ЁЪ `Ё├ О ЁЮЯиRClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth levelв!    к SЁа Ё, Г Ё0АФ|ОБГ┐└  Ё^ `КЁ├ О Ё(ЯбЁ Ё, Г Ё0АdОБГ┐└  Ё¤▀ рЁ├  О ЁЩЯи518th Oct 2005 : Joint Enterprise SIG & Pedagogy Forumб66ЄєЭ 0▀5Ё╕ Ё, Г Ё0А|ЖОБГ┐└  Ё^ `КЁ├ О Ё@Яа*б╪ЁLЁT ЁА Ё, ЁИ"ё┐ЁАЁr▓ Ё, C 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ЁАQК┐ ,Ё'gЁ├  К Ё ЮЁr Ё0 S ЁА└QК┐ ,Ё╖ `Ё├ К Ё ЮЁH Ё0 Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШ╨Ё4Ё0Ё( Ё Ё4Ёx Ё4 c Ё$АTXК┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  К Ё ЮЁx Ё4 c Ё$А,YК┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ К Ё ЮЁH Ё4 Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШ└ЁpЁ0Ё( Ё ЁpЁx Ёp c Ё$А(~К┐ ,ИЁ9 'g Ё├  К Ё ЮЁx Ёp c Ё$АК┐ ,ИЁ∙9ЖЁ├ К Ё ЮЁH Ёp Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +ю}я А 0 ФЁМаЁиЁ$Ё( Ё ЁиЁr Ёи S ЁАИL┐ ,Ё'g▀Ё├  L Ё ЮЁr Ёи S ЁА┤L┐ ,ЁЪ `Ё├ L Ё ЮЁH Ёи Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.у╙┼peM+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШАЁ`Ё0Ё( Ё Ё`Ёx Ё` c Ё$АдКК┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  К Ё ЮЁx Ё` c Ё$А|ЛК┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ К Ё ЮЁH Ё` Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШ0ЁLЁ0Ё( Ё ЁLЁx ЁL c Ё$А0УК┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  К Ё ЮЁx ЁL c Ё$АФК┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ К Ё ЮЁH ЁL Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШ`ЁXЁ0Ё( Ё ЁXЁx ЁX c Ё$АЩК┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  К Ё ЮЁx ЁX c Ё$А╪ЩК┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ К Ё ЮЁH ЁX Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШPЁTЁ0Ё( Ё ЁTЁx ЁT c Ё$А─ЯК┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  К Ё ЮЁx ЁT c Ё$АЬаК┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ К Ё ЮЁH ЁT Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШpЁ\Ё0Ё( Ё Ё\Ёx Ё\ c Ё$АФ█К┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  К Ё ЮЁx Ё\ c Ё$Аl▄К┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ К Ё ЮЁH Ё\ Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШРЁdЁ0Ё( Ё ЁdЁx Ёd c Ё$АДЎК┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  К Ё ЮЁx Ёd c Ё$АиўК┐ ,ИЁ@∙9╣Ё├ К Ё ЮЁH Ёd Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШаЁhЁ0Ё( Ё ЁhЁx Ёh c Ё$АЇ¤О┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  О Ё ЮЁx Ёh c Ё$А╠■О┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ О Ё ЮЁH Ёh Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШ`ЁШЁ0Ё( Ё ЁШЁx ЁШ c Ё$А┤Ши┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  и Ё ЮЁx ЁШ c Ё$А╝Юи┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ и Ё ЮЁH ЁШ Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШpЁЬЁ0Ё( Ё ЁЬЁx ЁЬ c Ё$А╛и┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  и Ё ЮЁx ЁЬ c Ё$А┤┬и┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ и Ё ЮЁH ЁЬ Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШАЁаЁ0Ё( Ё ЁаЁx Ёа c Ё$АXи┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  и Ё ЮЁx Ёа c Ё$А"и┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ и Ё ЮЁH Ёа Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +юЙя А 0 аЁШРЁдЁ0Ё( Ё ЁдЁx Ёд c Ё$Ашnи┐ ,ИЁ'g▀Ё├  и Ё ЮЁx Ёд c Ё$А<їи┐ ,ИЁЪ `Ё├ и Ё ЮЁH Ёд Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠ИСКЙ║___PPT10Лiы.■╥┼< ╔+Dё='ё L    =ё @Bё +ЁЪё  0 ЁрЁxЁкЁ( Ё ЁxЁX Ёx C Ё┐ tЁ░╨ Ё├  чЁ Ёx S ЁАИч┐ tЁ░ ░0╨Ё├  ч ЁмЯа.Decided to develop strategies in coordinated fashion  t+l, IS and e-learning which has foot in both camps As part of this committees have decided to get better understanding of issues they realise they may be unfamiliar with, recognition that these  camp s may not have good understanding of each other Particularly important as is so expensive, and of such strategic importance Task gp to look at whole thing both gps have to make pres will be looking at all issues including t+l will present one after the other and will be present strategy for next 10 years no of options including another off the shelf vle, developing in-house, a combination of the 2 кb7G;Б2ЁH Ёx Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.'╙┼@╘уmЁjё 0 ъЁтЁАЁzЁ( Ё ЁАЁX ЁА C Ё┐ tЁ░╨ Ё├  чЁт ЁА S ЁА00ч┐ tЁ░ ░0╨Ё├  ч Ё|ЯаThe University of the West Coast has a new VC Technology is seen as strategic issue, both for enterprise systems and teaching and learning  change of direction  identity of institution as innovative user of elearning, distance learning, partnerships etc is now to improve and update technical infrastructure over next few years vle they have is no longer going to be supported as vendor s been taken over and no longer going to support product they have several legacy systems, finance, srs etc in place that they will strategy for next 10 years no of options including another off the shelf vle, developing in-house, a combination of the 2 кP╨ pЬi2ЁH ЁА Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.'╙┼аoыЁё 0 ФЁМЁДЁ$Ё( Ё ЁДЁX ЁД C Ё┐ tЁ░╨ Ё├  чЁМ ЁД S ЁА(Kч┐ tЁ░ ░0╨Ё├  ч Ё&Яа▐Free for all What thoughts did you have when you were listening to the process? What s still missing? What does this suggest for how to move forward? Idea that both gps are becoming far more analytical and recognising need for precision (eg what a coder needs)  but still in different languages Realities Language and discourse Wanting teachers to get more involved к,еFАЁH ЁД Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.-╙┼ЁК▐~Ё╓ё 0 VЁN ЁИЁцЁ( Ё ЁИЁX ЁИ C Ё┐ tЁ░╨ Ё├  чЁN ЁИ S ЁАшXч┐ tЁ░ ░0╨Ё├  ч ЁшЯа▓How can we be more precise about what we do in t+l or whatever  Something about modelling Comfort zone thing Those p who ve dev dl have had to rethink whole thing Why is it so hard for teachers to do this  re tech к/иЁH ЁИ Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.-╙┼аh)░Ё║ё 0 :Ё20ЁМЁ╩Ё( Ё ЁМЁX ЁМ C Ё┐ tЁ░╨ Ё├  чЁ2 ЁМ S ЁАtbч┐ tЁ░ ░0╨Ё├  ч Ё╠ЯаДIdeas Feeding into next projects? More meetings like this? Communities that exist  SIGS are about standards And so do HE Academy This is about bridging But not just 2 gps  is whole landscape of communities Mapping of communities Identification of who gps are who should inform this process Getting 2 communities talking к,иRCЁH ЁМ Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.-╙┼pB0╛rМ ╜>КP 0Sв╪дpP▄Смпб▒2┤0├╢T╣х╗0iзhJ║╚ @\╨╬╫ъ▄╚р%`^Sv╛┴Ш├)╞·йї┘Кх*┼1■ рЕЯЄ∙OhлС+'│┘0╚T hpАШд ╝╚ ь ° фSlide 1Sarah HolyfieldSarah Holyfield18Microsoft Office PowerPoint@ WnX@└д*}■╥┼@РBТ═ї╙┼sGиS    Йg  ╠)б'  ╤┴ ўААААААААА└└└└▄└ж╩Ё 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