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Nine new JISC toolkit and demonstrator projects

Last modified 08 Dec, 2006
Published 08 Dec, 2006
JISC have announced the new toolkit and demonstrator projects funded under the framework and tools programme. Areas covered will include, calendaring, course evaluation and grade book.

In the third round of funding for toolkit demonstrator projects three projects have been funded covering learning design, resource browsing and personal learning.

The fourth round of toolkit projects includes six projects on course evaluation, multiple choice questions, calendaring, peer review, gradebook and mathematical typology.

The projects are listed below. Further details are available on the JISC web site, and more information will be available when these projects begin in the New Year.

  • DesignShare (Demonstrator), Discovery and sharing of learning designs within an IMS Learning Design editor (RELOAD)
  • FROCKLE (Demonstrator), Enabling VLE users to locate other user's personal spaces and related resources
  • Resource Browser (Demonstrator), A means of finding resources by subject's domain model and its practitioners
  • MCQFM (Toolkit), Multiple Choice Questions: Five Methods (rapid creation of objective test questions)
  • TMCWS (Toolkit), Translation of mathematical content/typography as a web service
  • GCWS (Toolkit), Group Calendaring Web Service
  • EFSCE (Toolkit), eFramework Services for Course Evaluation
  • PeerPigeon (Toolkit), REST services for resource submission and distribution to peer review groups (peer review)
  • Xmarks (Toolkit), Exposing assessment and marks data

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