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New European project develops a service oriented approach to competence based lifelong learning

Last modified 27 Jan, 2006
Published 27 Jan, 2006
January 9th saw the beginning of the second project-wide meeting of the TENCompetence Project, a new 4-year EU-funded project led by the Open University of the Netherlands, which intends to ‘develop a technical and organisational infrastructure for lifelong competence development’.


The project started on December 1st 2005 and involves thirteen partners from all over Europe including educational and commercial organisations, and is made up of ten work packages.

This project recognises that the skills and knowledge required to work in today’s economy are evolving at an accelerating speed and it is therefore following the European Union’s agenda in addressing these issues by developing an organisational infrastructure which will be able to support a competence-based approach to lifelong learning, accompanied by an underpinning technical infrastructure based on a service oriented approach. This will be closely linked to the JISC-funded e-Learning Framework and the project will ‘commit and contribute to the ELF Framework where possible’. It will therefore provide an instantiation of an service oriented architecture in an educational context, contribute to the development of the e-Framework, and as a research project, will offer a valuable opportunity for exploring and validating this approach.

The first meeting of the project took place early in December 2005, and was followed on January 9th with a week-long ‘startup’ meeting of everyone involved. This aimed to establish ‘common ground’ across and within the various work packages, and to engage in planning work for the next period and a great deal of progress was made. Any project such as this with such a wide geographical and organisational spread faces the challenge of finding effective ways of working together, which in this field means exploring using the tools and approaches which it is also researching and developing!

The project is exploring a number of themes, and dealing with the issue faced by all such projects of addressing the pedagogical and organisational issues at the same time as technological development is taking place – whilst ensuring each informs the other appropriately.

Information maybe found on the project website

Please note - at present, the use of this website beyond the first page requires a registration process as it is for internal project working, however in the near future there will be an public section of the website providing information and other dissemination materials.

In the meantime for more information email the project.

A flyer is also available here



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