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The Virtual Learning Environment takes it personally

Last modified 16 Jan, 2006
Published 16 Jan, 2006
Derek Morrison interviews Oleg Liber about the Personal Learning Environments project. There is a podcast of the interview and a discussion about how PLEs will disrupt the current status quo of our educational institutions.

"Despite years of development, the current generation of VLEs provide tools primarily for teachers, administrators, and system lords, not students. That doesn't fit easily with our protestations of concern with the student experience and in being student centred. The Liber analogy of the supermarket is an interesting one, i.e. as `customers' we can choose to shop in many shops so that when one doesn't meet our needs we can move to another one. Of course the problem may be that we don't really view students as customers at all.."

The full article and podcast is on Auricle


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