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e-Framework newsletter October 2008

e-Framework Editor
Last modified 03 Nov, 2008
Published 03 Nov, 2008
The latest newsletter from the e-Framework initiative is now available online. Developments include the appointment of a new international director, and the publication of an SOA case study from City University, London.

Update October 2008

News from the Initiative

e-Framework has new International Director

The partners from the international e-Framework welcome Ian Dolphin as International Director.

Geospatial Workshop

Through the international collaboration of the e-Framework partners, a Geospatial workshop was held on 24 July, in Canberra, Australia.

Partner's update

Strategic roadmap for Australian research infrastructure launched

The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) was initiated in 2006 with an aim to develop Australian research capability through significant infrastructure investment.

SOA introduced at City University, London

The City SOA Case Study, entitled Going for Gold is the first publication in a series of early SOA adopter studies planned as part of the JISC Early Adopter Series.

An introduction to Enterprise Architectures

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is about enabling organisations to adapt to change by defining, in a generic way, how their business processes work in tandem with their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems.

Dutch and UK architecture communities exchanged experiences

A number of people involved in Enterprise Architecture (EA) have expressed an interest in working together as a community.

Australian Flexible Learning Framework (e-Portfolios) uses e-Framework approach

The Australian Flexible Learning Frameworks E-standards for Training Business Activities has successfully been using the e-Framework approach and has produced a draft e-Portfolio Service Usage Model.

SUM on Identity and Access Management

The second stage of the Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation (ESAA) project from the New Zealand Ministry of Education successfully went live on 23rd of August. ESAA is an essential component of the New Zealand ICT Strategic Framework for Education.

Work in progress

The relationship between the e-Framework and other modelling approaches

To explore how the e-Framework fits within the context of existing and emerging modelling approaches, the New Zealand Ministry of Education is managing the Enterprise Architecture and Service Usage Models Project.

Test case for e-Framework collaboration: LOREnet

The e-Framework partners are committed to validating the e-Framework approach as a basis for refinement.

Tools and resources

New diagrams provide "walk-through" of the technical model

A new set of illustrative diagrams has been published on the e-Framework website to better explain the technical model underlying the e-Framework approach.

Improved online form makes the submission process easier

Revised instructions for making submissions for contributing descriptions of SUMs, service genres, and service expressions have been put on the website.

Australian Government report highlights the potential benefits of SOA

The report, produced by Sir Peter Gershon (, provides a detailed analysis of a wide range of issues affecting the Australian Governments use and management of information and communication technology (ICT).

Forthcoming events

Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education

The Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education Symposium, to be held in Melbourne, Australia on 10 & 11 November 2008, will explore the strategic application of Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education, a subject which is of increasing interest to the education sector.

IDEA 2008 - Enabling Technology: Forging a Digital Future

IDEA 2008, a series of events focusing on technology and education, will be held in Melbourne, Australia on 12 & 13 November 2008.

Get involved

To keep up-to-date with e-Framework activities visit the e-Framework community wiki:

The Full newsletter is available on the e-Framework web site


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