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Report Call: Data mash-ups and the future of mapping

Gaynor Backhouse
Last modified 09 Sep, 2008
Published 09 Sep, 2008
JISC Technology and Standards Watch (TechWatch) has issued an open call for a forthcoming report on data mash-ups and the future of mapping.

There is a growing interest in the use of geospatial and geographical information in combination with Web-based information sources and services. This has been driven by the emergence of new and low-cost mapping technologies and increasing consumer interest in 'Web 2.0'-style, user-generated content through products such as Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

JISC TechWatch plans to publish a report which explores the emerging issues associated with such geo-spatial data mash-ups and investigates the future of mapping. The report will examine the trade-offs between the more traditional provision of geographical information systems and their associated standards, and the newer, Web 2.0 style of working with open data and mash-ups. It will also review emerging technologies and standards in this area and discuss the implications for higher education and research.

Anyone interested in getting involved, either as a potential author or peer reviewer, should contact Gaynor Backhouse, the project manager, by email:

Further information on the open call can be found on the TechWatch website:

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