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Further XCRI mini-projects wanted

Scott Wilson
Last modified 12 Nov, 2007
Published 12 Nov, 2007
The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) would like to commission up to five mini-projects to implement and test the XCRI course information specification. Funding of up to £10,000 is available for each project.

All projects should start in January 2008 and finish by the end of August 2008.

Activities to be carried out by the projects

These projects will use web services to export course information from institutional systems, transform it into an XCRI-compliant format, and advertise it for consumption by an aggregator. The catalogue of course offerings advertised via the web service to the aggregator must be sufficient in range and detail to provide a realistic test of the XCRI standard. Institutions will be expected to evaluate the XCRI standard in terms of the range and depth of information captured through this means in comparison to existing online provision.

JISC is particularly interested in projects which aim to use the XCRI feed to submit information to bodies which provide information on courses, such as UCAS and LearnDirect.

As well as the feed itself, the other main deliverable of these projects is expected to be a report or case study that includes

Discussion of the organisational and technical issues encountered during the design and running of the demonstrator

Evaluation of and feedback on the XCRI specification, including an evaluation of its usability for work such as this, with identification of any problem areas and suggestions for improvements

Recommendations to JISC on further development activity needed in this area Commissioning information

Institutions willing and able to carry out this work are asked to submit 2-4 pages of pre-commissioning information to Sarah Davies at JISC by 10 December. This information includes a preliminary description of the course information the project intends to publish using XCRI, and information on the systems in which that information is currently stored, and a brief overview of existing business processes around the management of course information at the institution.

Full information on the work JISC would like to commission and full instructions on submitting the pre-commissioning information can be downloaded from the XCRI website.


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