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Promoting innovation and excellence: JISC and UCAS sign agreement

Last modified 19 Mar, 2007
Published 19 Mar, 2007
Partners sign agreement on university admissions which will deliver ‘major benefits’ to HE and research.

14th March, 2007. The use of ICT to support admissions procedures to higher education and research received a major boost today with the signing of an agreement between UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) and JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee).

With technology becoming increasingly central to the management, business and administrative processes of universities, the agreement represents a milestone in the development of university admissions procedures which exploit the full potential of ICT.

The agreement means the setting up of various projects which will inform future developments and provide evidence of best practice from other sectors. Current projects include a scoping study on how the methods used by employers in providing feedback to unsuccessful job applicants could be translated to feedback for university applicants and the development of e-portfolios which allow users to build a record of achievement and personal development goals.

With UCAS being the world’s largest central admissions service for higher education, and JISC providing world-class support for learning, teaching research and administration for FE, HE and research sectors, the partnership cements a highly productive dialogue between two key organisations in the educational field.

Dr Malcolm Read, Executive Secretary of JISC, said: ‘The use of ICT to support the administrative functions of universities is an increasingly important area of development for the sector and an important strand of JISC’s newly-updated strategy. We are delighted to be entering into a formal partnership with UCAS which will, we believe, deliver a range of major benefits for the HE and research sectors.’

Anthony McClaran, UCAS Chief Executive said: “ICT has been at the heart of the technical innovations UCAS has launched over the past five years. This new agreement between UCAS and JISC ensures that this approach will remain key to future developments of the admissions process, helping our member institutions to manage increasingly complex admissions challenges”.

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