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JISC ITT: Sharing e-Learning Content

Last modified 14 Mar, 2007
Published 14 Mar, 2007
The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) wishes to commission an individual or team to review and synthesise the work of various specified projects and programmes engaged in the development, use and sharing of elearning content.

We are commissioning this study in order to support JISC in planning future funding calls and to further the dissemination of programme outcomes.

The proposed study will be focused on deliverables and reports from a variety of projects and programmes, including the JISC Jorum, the Digital Libraries in the Classroom Programme, the Distributed eLearning Programme, the FAIR Programme, the Digital Repositories Programme, eLearning Transformational Projects (funded by the Scottish Funding Council) and the Exchange for Learning (X4L) staff development resources.

The main deliverable of this study will be a short report (circa 30-35pp max), synthesising findings from the programmes listed above under categories including ‘organisational’, ‘cultural’ ‘legal’, ‘pedagogic’ and ‘technical’, drawing overall conclusions and making recommendations as appropriate.

It is estimated that this study will require between 30 and 40 days work, during the period May to September 2007. Funding up to a maximum of £30,000 is available for this study (including all expenses such as VAT and travel and subsistence). However, JISC would wish to see tenders costed easily within this total with funding requested being fully commensurate with the effort proposed. Tenders should be submitted no later than 1300 hrs on 16 April 2007.

Further information can be found below.

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