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Workshop on Service Oriented Approaches

Last modified 20 Sep, 2006
Published 20 Sep, 2006
The TENCompetence project have issued a call for papers for a workshop on "Service Oriented Approaches and Lifelong Competence Development Infrastructures."


TENCompetence Workshop on Service Oriented Approaches and Lifelong Competence Development Infrastructures

Location: Manchester UK

Details of the venue and suggested accommodation will be available on this website shortly.

Date: 11th-12th January, 2007


One compelling argument for moving to a service oriented approach (soa) in e-learning applications and learning supporting systems is the promise of better support for lifelong learning. The online availability of resources such as formal and informal learning opportunities, past learning achievements and a variety of learning communities beyond the single institution is a key opportunity as well as a challenge for individuals and institutions alike.

At the same time, the functionality that can be made available using services promises to make it easier to integrate new, customised or innovative functionality in existing learning environments. Examples of such functionality includes simulations and collaborative learning activities. For this to happen, though, a number of issues need to be addressed that range from the purely pedagogical, via business model considerations to questions of software design and development.

To explore some of these issues the EU 6th Framework Integrated Project TENCompetence ( is organising a workshop on soa and lifelong competence development. The objective of the workshop is to identify and analyse current research and technologies in the intersection of the soa and lifelong learning fields, in the areas of their theory, application and use.

Further information on how to submit papers.


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