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ELF website updates

Sam Easterby-Smith
Last modified 25 May, 2005
Published 25 May, 2005
The ELF website has been undergoing a substantial set of updates over recent weeks.

The front page has been redesigned with improved News and RSS feeds and the overall flexibility of the site has been greatly improved.

Project Directory

The projects have been re-organised into a Project Directory and the CETIS team are undertaking a rolling review of the mappings and content for each project. Thanks to the underlying software being upgraded the site now supports many-to-many mappings between projects and services, giving us a far richer view of the projects and how they fit within the ELF.

TALL study

Also on the projects side the TALL study of e-Learning systems and their relevance to the ELF has been included in the Project Directory. This maps the functionality of a range of e-learning systems including Blackboard, WebCT and Moodle and discusses their relevance to the framework.


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