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e-Framework Update at IDEA 2006

Last modified 19 Oct, 2006
Published 19 Oct, 2006
An Australian and New Zealand perspective on the e-Framework for Education and Research was presented at a session at the IDEA 2006, Integrated e-Learning Environments conference held last week in Melbourne.

The session, titled e-Framework Update, Toward services-enabled infrastructure: The e-Framework in action, highlighted the Australian (through DEST) and New Zealand (through the Ministry of Education) perspectives and projects.

Presentations included:

  • Welcome from DEST, Margot Bell, Director Education, Innovation and Infrastructure Policy, DEST
  • Brief overview of the e-Framework, Jon Mason, International e-Framework Editor
  • Internationalizing the e-Framework, Neil McLean, Member DEST-JISC Cooperation Board
  • Why New Zealand is participating, Murray Leach, Ministry of Education, New Zealand
  • Allyn Radford, Board Member IMS Global Learning Consortium
  • The core technical components of the e-Framework, Dan Rehak, e-Framework consultant
  • Harmonizing Service Descriptions across the eLearning and eResearch Domains, Jane Hunter, Professor of eResearch, University of Queensland

Developing Service Use Models Presentations and examples of the development of Service Usage Models within the e-Framework.

  • Administration Service Usage Models in NZ
  • XCRI | eXchanging Course-Related Information, Scott Wilson - includes more details of how he built the Course Locator Aggregator.
  • Open panel: Suggestions for Australian priorities

The programme and presentations are available from:


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