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E-Framework for Education and Research - moving on from the ELF

Tish Roberts
Last modified 05 Jul, 2005
Published 05 Jul, 2005
DEST and JISC have signed an agreement to work together to develop the e-Framework to include the research and administration domains.

The Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) Australia and JISC have signed a collaborative agreement which includes working together on developing the e-learning framework (ELF) further. They have agreed to broaden the concept and scope of the ELF to include:

  • applying the service oriented approach, principles and methodology of the ELF to the technical infrastructure requirements of the other communities specifically the Research and Administration domains.
  • broadening the perception of the Framework from a service factoring and definition focus to include reference models strategy and deployment perspectives.
  • encouraging community participation in development and definition of the Framework.
  • over time, expanding collaboration in the Framework to other Partners.

The collaboration partnership has identified their primary aim as:

"to produce an evolving and sustainable, open standards based service oriented technical framework to support the education and research communities."

To reflect this broadening of the ELF concept, it has changed its name to "e-Framework for Education and Research" or the e-Framework for short and a new website has been set-up at: which outlines the goals and principles of the e-Framework collaboration.


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