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Two new CETIS briefings on e-learning standards

Sheila MacNeill
Last modified 21 Sep, 2005
Published 21 Sep, 2005
CETIS have published two new briefings on the IMS Accessibility for Learner Information Profile and the IEEE LTSC LOM standard.

In the briefing on the IMS Accessibility for Learner Information Profile (affectionally known as AccLIP) specification, Sharon Perry outlines how the spec can be used to store learner's preferences about how they want to interact with online e-learning resources. The spec is complemented by one designed to record the accessibility properties of resources themselves, and a briefing about that spec will be released in due course.

The briefing on the IEEE LTSC LOM standard, has been available for a while on the CETIS Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG site. The Standard itself is the most venerable of learning technology standards, and has been in use in one form or another since the late nineties. The guide, therefore, is based on a wealth of experience of implementors in general, and the author, Phil Barker, in particular.

There have also been comprehensive updates to the briefings on IMS Simple Sequencing and ADL SCORM. Since the former is a recent, major addition to the latter, it made sense to invite Warwick Bailey to revisit both topics and incorporate the latest developments.

Further briefings that are in the pipeline include one on IMS QTI 2.0, IMS Enterprise Webservices, the IMS Accessibility guidelines and the IMS Accessibility for Meta-Data mentioned above.

The briefing papers are available at



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