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JISC holds town meeting for the new Capital Programme

Last modified 30 Jan, 2007
Published 15 May, 2006
Over 200 people from all over the UK who were interested in submitting proposals met in Birmingham on 10th May to find out more about the programme.

The Capital Programme focuses on six areas of development – Network, Repositories, Digitisation, e-learning, e-Infrastructure and User Environments. There will be a series of calls during the lifetime of the Programme and these are shown on a roadmap . All the slides and talks from the meeting are available for those who weren’t able to attend.


The meeting was introduced by Sarah Porter, JISC’s Head of Development, who set the scene and explained that HEFCE and HEFCW have invested £81m over three years to support the central objectives of the HEFCE e-learning Strategy, the Science and Innovation Investment Framework , and Reaching Higher, the Welsh Assembly Government’s strategy for the HE sector. She explained the overall aims of the Programme and the intention that it will -

  • Build capacity, knowledge and skills and stimulate positive and informed change in the sector through piloting new technologies and approaches
  • Provide guidance to the sector on ‘best practice’ models for using technology and departmental, institutional, regional and national levels
  • Provide expert strategic leadership to the sector and other bodies in specialist areas, and influence national and international agendas
  • Gain knowledge and experience as a basis for future funding decisions for JISC and its sub committees
  • Develop services, infrastructure or applications that maybe used at departmental, institutional, regional or national levels

She explained how JISC is working to ensure that there is coherence across its different programme areas.

The first call issued in April is concerned with three of these areas – Digital repositories, e-Learning and e-Infrastructure. The next call will be in September 2006.

Advice on writing bids

JISC funded programmes require funding bids that fit within certain criteria in both content and format, and Alice Colban, JISC’s Policy Officer, explained who was eligible, terms and conditions etc, then provided detailed advice and ‘do’s and don’ts’ when writing bids.

The three areas…

The meeting broke into the three areas of interest - e-learning, digital repositories and e-infrastructure - which were led by JISC Programme managers, Sarah Davies, Rachel Bruce and Matthew Dovey, along with Craig Wentworth, Development Director. Professor Mark Stiles provided advice from the point of view of an experienced and successful project bidder and talked about the ‘Real World – some things to bear in mind’

And cross themes ..

All projects will need to be aware of the position regarding IPR and Consortium agreements, and Andrew Charleworth, Legal Consultant, ran a session to explore this area.

The e-Framework provides an underpinning to technical development and so all projects, to a greater or lesser extent, will need to understand what this means. Bill Olivier, JISC’s Head of System and Technical development provided an overview of the e-Framework, and how projects will be able to contribute to its development. A briefing paper is also available.

Further information

All the talks from the town meeting are available along with a roadmap for future calls.

Summary information for project teams

The call

The closing date for bids is 12 noon on Thursday 22nd June


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