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Resources for round one of the Toolkit Projects now available

Sarah Holyfield
Last modified 20 Jun, 2005
Published 14 Jun, 2005
A full set of resources is now available for the first round of Toolkit projects.

The first round of the e-Learning Framework Toolkits was completed in November 2004.

A set of resources related to these projects has been collated to enable developers and those who have an interest to find out more. These resources may be found on this site where reports, commentaries, presentations and relevant links have been put together for each project, and on the ELF site where access to the work of the projects including the software developed and documentation is provided. Links to the services implemented, related projects, and the e-Learning Framework itself may also be found on the ELF site.

This round of projects was concerned with developing "e-Learning Framework Toolkits" which would provide software libraries to enable developers (from commercial as well as open-source communities) to create applications that provide and consume services defined within the e-Learning Framework (ELF). Many of these toolkits are now being used in the first phase of e-Learning frameworks demonstrator projects. Overall the projects achieved a great deal of what they initially set out to do – and it is anticipated that much of the work will be of direct benefit to future JISC-funded projects and provide useful foundations for future e-learning developments.


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