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Innovation n. The introduction of something new; novel device, method or concept leading to breakthrough or change in current practice.
Innovator n. Person who brings about change, adopts new ways.
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The purpose of this guide, Innovative Practice with e-Learning, is to explore roles for mobile and wireless technologies in blended learning, and to establish the key principles behind their effective use. Innovative Practice with e-Learning continues the practice-focused approach adopted in Effective Practice with e-Learning, JISC (2004). It reflects the findings of reports commissioned within the Innovation strandof the JISC e-Learning Programme and is aimed at practitioners and managers in further and higher education, and adult and community learning.

Illustrations of practice

The experiences of practitioners and learners form a vital part of this guide: ten case studies, five with supporting video clips, illustrate how mobile and wireless learning has become established in institutions across the post-16 and higher education sector.

The case studies illustrate three different perspectives: those of the learner, the practitioner and the institutional manager. Extended versions of the case studies in the publication are available to download from this CD-ROM in two formats. There are also a number of snapshots of emerging practice entitled A glimpse of the future which conclude each of the main sections of this CD-ROM.

How to use this CD-ROM

This CD-ROM could be used within an institution to evaluate current practice or to plan for the future. Case studies of current practice and downloadable audit and planning tools have been designed to enable managers and practitioners build on their current practice with e-learning, and to assist them in making appropriate uses of mobile and wireless technologies. The audit and planning tools can be downloaded from the Next stepssection.

All content is seen as indicative of current trends and is not intended to be definitive.