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Enhancing the learning experience

An immersive learning experience is described in A glimpse of the future - Mudlarking in Deptford. This example illustrates a new form of learning activity with more complex pedagogies required to extract the full advantage. However, the use of mobile devices as part of a longer blended learning activity, or sequence of activities, may afford a similar sense of novelty and engagement.

Informal learning. Learning can be enhanced by games and quizzes transmitted via small mobile devices or by taking place in familiar settings.
Portability. The potential of group learning is extended by the greater variety of activities and locations made possible by the use of mobile phones or PDAs.
Accessibility. Alternative learning experiences can be provided for learners with disabilities.
Context awareness. 'Just-in-time' information can be available in external locations to create an immersive learning experience.

A short case study, Mudlarking in Deptford from NESTA Futurelab, in A glimpse of the futuregives an account of an innovative pedagogical approach to designing learning activities which combines mobile and wireless technologies with a web-based discussion forum.