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"If you want a new idea, look at a different view."
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The same key principles apply when designing learning activities with mobile and wireless technologies as when designing any learning activity.

Decisions made by practitioners to produce the most effective learning experience will be formulated around the interaction between three elements - the learners, the learning environment and the learning outcomes. The evidence provided by the case studies in this section suggests that mobile and wireless technologies can extend the options available to the practitioner, especially in specific contexts or niche activities. Such technologies may also support more innovative learner-centred pedagogies.

Mobile devices firstly extend the range of contexts in which these activities can be offered. Secondly, they may be used to enable learners to take part in dynamic interactive or immersive learning experiences, where learners generate their own learning resources as part of collaborative investigations. This increase in the reach and diversity of activity can be found across all approaches to learning design - see Exploring approaches to learning with mobile and wireless technologies.Then, if used in conjunction with a wireless network, mobile devices offer practitioners arguably the most flexible access to options around which to construct pathways to learning. These could include:

  • Online resource-based or problem-solving activities.
  • Collaborative activities based on synchronous and asynchronous communication.
  • Opportunities for reflective practice and assessment.
  • Enhanced ways of delivering face-to-face learning.
  • Immersive learning experiences.

Explore in the different sections in this perspective, the particular advantages that a mobile device can bring to everyday practice. A case study in each section outlines the role the device has played and gives more information about how the technologies were used.