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This section provides summaries of the key benefits and constraints associated with embedding mobile and wireless technologies in current practice. Tools to plan for your institution's next steps towards implementation of mobile and wireless learning can also be downloaded from this section.

Each institution is at a different stage in a journey towards embedding aspects of technology-mediated learning into practice. Mobile and wireless technologies represent a further stage on that journey. Whatever stage your institution has reached, ensure that the technology is not driving the decision-making, but is used as part of a planned response to the institution's strategic aims.

Not all subject disciplines or categories of learner will benefit from the use of mobile and wireless technologies, and established use of e-learning may need to be a necessary precursor to successful use of newer technologies, but consideration of the benefits and constraints of mobile and wireless technologies can lead to identifying appropriate opportunities for their use.

Reference to the model of implementation for mobile and wireless learningin the Institutional perspective may be helpful in relation to the planning process.