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Supporting personalised learning - University of Birmingham

The Interactive Logbook has been developed as a research project within the Centre for Educational Technology and Distance Learning (CETADL) at the University of Birmingham, and has received funding from JISC for further development. The Interactive Logbook is a suite of software applications designed to assist students working in groups on collaborative projects, managing personal information and accessing digital resources

Key advantages

The Logbook, designed for use on tablet PCs, provides mobile access to digital resources and communication tools, and encourages a sense of ownership of, and control over, the learning process. Installed on a tablet PC, the Logbook software will support learning tasks involving discovery, problem-solving and collaborative learning. Use of the Logbook by students in lectures and seminars could also speed up their understanding of concepts and prepare the way for assessed group work. Its use could also enable them to develop evidence for personal development portfolios.

The Logbook may still have wider applications to be discovered. The ability to add plug-ins for additional software could enable the tool to provide support for students with disabilities.

The Interactive Logbookis now available for UK-wide trials.