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"The college is not just a set of buildings with technology; it is the opportunity to do something extraordinary."
Roger Gochin, Principal, North Hertfordshire College

External view of building at North Hertfordshire College.

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Building the 21st century college - North Hertfordshire College

The Stevenage Centre, North Hertfordshire College, was opened in 2003 to provide a new learning environment for the local community. To contribute to a new vision for the town, a new build was planned which would offer a technologically sophisticated environment to enhance learning and teaching and improve the efficiency of course management.

Teaching rooms in the new centre are uniformly 'hi-tech' with interactive whiteboards, video data projectors and computers with DVD players and digital cameras as standard equipment. In order to offer the most flexible and responsive learning space, the college is now implementing a wireless network.

Key advantages

The results have been positive. North Hertfordshire College has seen an 11% growth in student intake since the opening of the new centre, as learners have responded with enthusiasm to the technology-enabled environment. The guidance service has found that mobile technologies can improve the reach and immediacy of its provision. Wireless-enabled laptops in discreet, screened off interview areas are enabling guidance staff to provide access to essential support for learners as they enter or leave the building.