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Changing to a wireless world - Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College

Mobile and wireless technologies are seen as an important part of a long term ILT strategy at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College (EHWLC). The strategy includes the use of a Managed Learning Environment (MLE) by all learners and staff and daily use of tablet PCs by classroom practitioners. By the end of the three year programme, all sites will have wireless connectivity.

Key advantages

Practitioners at EHWLC have been issued with wireless tablet PCs to record attendance in class and immediately update central records using the wireless network. Support officers can then telephone students within ten minutes of the registers being marked. The college's online register system is web-based and easily accessible from the four main sites and from the college's off-campus locations. To monitor overall patterns of attendance and achievement, tutors can access the database and take appropriate action. As a result of this initiative, attendance by learners has improved by 10% and figures for retention are up 7% on the previous year.

A personalised learner's home page on the MLE or VLE giving timetable, attendance, completed and ongoing assignments and course details will give learners similar ownership of their progress.