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Students working in the atrium learning environment.
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Changing culture

The embedding of mobile and wireless technologies into wider established practice (as opposed to localised small scale projects) requires a readiness-for-change culture to be established throughout the institution. This will include a willingness to take calculated risks where benefits to learners outweigh possible disadvantages. Consider:

Practices and norms. Could more use be made of mobile and wireless learning to embed learner-centred practices? Have pedagogies developing around these been disseminated between teams and departments for evaluation and adaptation?
Quality. Reflection and review should form an integral part of any team's planning cycle. Do quality assurance procedures encompass mobile as well as e-learning provision?

An example

A case study, Building the 21st century collegefrom North Hertfordshire College, explores how learning technologies, both established e-learning and mobile and wireless technologies, have changed the college culture following the building of a new centre for business studies and ICT.