Innovative Practice with e-Learning

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e-Learning and Innovation

Dealing with pedagogical and technological issues, the aim of the e-Learning and Innovation strand is to identify how innovative technologies can be harnessed to support learning, in particular the use of wireless and mobile technologies such as voting devices, multimedia PDAs, third generation phones and stronger wireless networks. Other areas of work include reviewing effective physical learning space design and exploring the potential of gaming for learning.

The work commissioned within the strand is currently focused on effective learning space design and mobile and wireless technologies. Outcomes so far have taken the form of reports and case studies. Evidence emerging from this work has revealed that use of mobile and wireless technologies is extending the reach of e-learning technologies and increasing the flexibility and spontaneity of learning.

The reports and case studies that have informed the production of this guide can be found online on the e-Learning and Innovationsection of the e-Learning Programme website.

Further information on the work of the e-Learning and Innovationstrand of the Programme is also available online.