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Wireless learning hubs re-engage learners

Young learners in Pembrokeshire will soon be able to work with m-learning mentors on personal and professional development. In an innovative project, learners who have opted out of education, can develop a CV, prepare for job interviews and manage personal information using wireless PDAs to access the internet and custom-built learning resources.

Using wireless PDAs, 90 recruits aged between 16-24 years old will work with group mentors on these essential aspects of personal and professional development. Mentors will guide their progress via mobile phone and through wireless ICT hubs in outreach venues, such as youth centres. The participants will be able to access the internet without incurring any phone charges when they are within 50 metres of one of the hubs.

Working with the interests and strengths of each individual in mind, mentors will then aim to identify progression routes for each recruit, including information on appropriate training and work experience opportunities.

This use of learning hubs to support mobile learners across the region will build on the m-learning pilot study, 'Project Milford', in which young learners were supported through an internet café in Milford Haven.

Further information about the Pembrokeshire wireless learning hubs can be found from the Pembrokeshire College website.