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Case studies

Case studies have the capacity to inspire but also to provoke and to challenge. The institutions and practitioners represented in this publication have their own story to tell; their solutions do not fit all contexts, but their stories demonstrate how effective solutions can be found through the use of technology in learning. These do not represent definitive statements of what takes place in the learning and teaching process, or in the management of learning. The case studies do not establish that mobile and wireless technologies always offer distinct advantages over traditional methods. Instead, the practice illustrated here aims to encourage and develop reflection on what are effective and innovative uses of technology, by giving an insight into what has proved beneficial for others.

The case studies can be downloaded as either Microsoft Word or PDF files. These are extended versions of the case studies in the publication, and give more detail of the background context, how the practice was developed and the technologies used.

Five of the case studies have an accompanying video clip which offers further insight into the practice outlined in the written versions. The video clips are available in two formats: Windows Media Player and QuickTime.

Case studies

Video case studies