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Reference Model Projects

28 Jul, 2005
The Distributed e-Learning strand is funding the development of Reference Models for the e-Learning Framework.

Details of five Reference Model projects have now started. The year long projects (end March 06) will take forward the development of the e-learning framework in the following domains:

COVARM (Course Validation Reference Model)

Based at Thames Valley University and looking at course validation:

eP4LL (e-Portfolio for Lifelong Learning)

Based at Nottingham University. Further details are available on the e-Learning Framework site at:

FREMA (e-Learning Framework Reference Model for Assessment)

Based at Southampton University and focusing on the assessment domain. (a direct link to the project site)

LADIE (Learning Activity Design in Education)

Based at Southampton University and focusing on learning content and design:

XCRI (eXchanging Course-Related Information)

Based at Manchester Metropolitan University and looking at the area of course specification:


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