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11 Jan, 2006
Automated System for Assessment of Programming
Summary of the ASAP (Automated System for the Assessment of Programming) project funded in the distributed e-learning strand.

Please describe the tool you are building

The core of the tool is a service that can automatically assess Java programming tasks using a unit testing methodology. In addition there are supplementary services that are being developed in order to provide supporting multiple choice questions and to test for plagiarism in the submitted programming code.

What problem do you see the development of this tool helping to address?

The tool attempts to solve a number of problems:

* Providing formative feedback for large classes

* Allowing self-paced learning

* Monitoring of learning progress and checking for plagiarism

* Providing a flexible testing environment for summative tests

* Providing a programming environment over the internet/intranet that is independent of the learners computer (i.e. only requires a browser)

Who do you see the being the primary user(s) of this tool?

Learners and Teachers of Computer Programming (initially at undergraduate level, but potentially at all levels)

How do you see your tool being used?

The tool can be used by trainers, educators and learners either across the internet or intranet to support the tuition in computer programming (initially for Java but potentially for a wide range of languages)

To use your tool, what infrastructure etc (if any) will be needed? (ie - could it be used stand-alone? Would it need a VLE/other system to be in place?)

The client only requires a browser (e.g. IE6). The current server initially requires the Blackboard VLE but the next version will be independent of VLE’s. Later versions could have user agents for a wide variety of VLE’s


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