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11 Jan, 2006
A summary of the Visual Mapping of Portfolios project funded by the distributed e-learning strand.

Please describe the tool you are building

Its an ePortfolio tool that will enable the learner to plan, construct and update an e Portfolio through the use of a visual mapping interface, on their own personal desktop. The ePortfolio can be shared, published and disseminated through the use of a visual mapping interface.

What problem do you see the development of this tool helping to address?

The visual mapping tool produced by the V-MAP Project will better enable dyslexics and those who have a visually dominant learning style to plan their learning and develop and manage their e-Portfolios, by providing them with a free form and non-linear way of developing them.

Who do you see the being the primary user(s) of this tool?

Can be used by Lifelong learners, particularly appropriate to Dyslexics, because of the visual presentation interface. Not limited to HE, could be used at all levels.

How do you see your tool being used?

To produce presentation ePortfolios

To use your tool, what infrastructure etc (if any) will be needed? (ie - could it be used stand-alone? Would it need a VLE/other system to be in place?)

Could be used as a stand alone tool. (Requires JAVA to run)


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