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11 Jan, 2006
A summary of the SHELLFISH project funded by the distributed e-learning strand.

Please describe the tool you are building

SHELL-FISH project will deliver a learning support system by providing learners with a facility to obtain feedback, a development plan and a record of progress related to that feedback. Teachers will have a feedback management system which will allow the accessing and updating of a learner’s record of progress and previous feedback, linking students to existing on-line learning resources and monitoring the impact of resource use on students’ academic performance.

What problem do you see the development of this tool helping to address?

SHELL-FISH will enhance students’ learning through assessment and feedback and reduce the time that teachers spend providing assessment and feedback. It will move away from the transmission model of feedback toward a constructivist approach providing opportunities to involve students in the development and use of academic assessment criteria, integrating the students’ internal performance improvement processes with institutional curriculum-based performance management processes. It will also be possible to link SHELL-FISH to a lifelong learner record.

Who do you see the being the primary user(s) of this tool?

Primarily HE tutors and students but SHELL-FISH could be adapted for use in FE.

How do you see your tool being used?

SHELL-FISH could be used as a stand alone application or embedded into a university’s MLE or VLE, provided it is interoperable.

To use your tool, what infrastructure etc (if any) will be needed? (ie - could it be used stand-alone? Would it need a VLE/other system to be in place?)

A university would require a web server with MYSQL. The user, tutor or student, would require a web browser.


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