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Serving Maths

11 Jan, 2006
A summary of the Serving Maths project funded by the distributed e-learning strand
This description is a questionnaire completed by the project team.

Please describe the tool you are building

We are building tools for intelligent online mathematics assessment.

What problem do you see the development of this tool helping to address?

There are many innovative tools with strong pedagogic benefits, for example exploiting the possibility of assessing student’s free-form answers with the help of computer algebra systems. To make these tools widely accessible we will make them interoperable and user-friendly.

Who do you see the being the primary user(s) of this tool?

The users will be mathematics students in higher and further education and their lecturers and teachers.

How do you see your tool being used?

We are developing the tools in such a way that they can be integrated seamlessly into existing teaching practices. They will be used mostly to complement traditional formative assessment performed as part of mathematics courses.

To use your tool, what infrastructure etc (if any) will be needed? (ie - could it be used stand-alone? Would it need a VLE/other system to be in place?)

We are designing the tools as web services so that they can be integrated into a variety of learning environments and assessment systems. We will also provide a stand-alone solution.


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