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11 Jan, 2006
E-portfolio tool for lifelong learning.
A summary of the PETAL (Personal ePortfolios for Teaching and Learning) project funded by the distributed e-learning strand.

Please describe the tool you are building

We are building a general e-portfolio tool for lifelong learning based on the Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSPI) and the Certified Member of ALT scheme (CMALT). We are also modelling use-cases for e-portfolios in HE, FE, adult community learning and professional institutes, and producing a general template for e-portfolio process modelling.

What problem do you see the development of this tool helping to address?

Petal addresses the lack of open source tools designed to build ePortfolios in the UK context.

Who do you see the being the primary user(s) of this tool?

Learners widely in post-compulsory education: HE, FE, adult community and professional institutes

How do you see your tool being used?

Learners will use the tool to select, reflect on and present artefacts as evidence in support of claims made in respect of formative and summative assessment of learning episodes (courses etc) and transitions (to work, to a new employer, to a new educational institution).

To use your tool, what infrastructure etc (if any) will be needed? (ie - could it be used stand-alone? Would it need a VLE/other system to be in place?)

The end user needs a browser with Java. It could be used through a VLE but this is not necessary. The provider of portfolio services needs a machine connected to the internet which can act as a web server. Our preference would be a linux box or some other unix flavour though it will run on Windows.

The machine must have the following prerequisite software installed: - JAVA 1.4.1 or later - Tomcat (pref. v5)

The machine must be able to access a database (preferably Mysql but Oracle, Postgres, etc are OK). It's simpler if the database is installed as the same server as the web app but logically it doesn't need to be.


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